Reikan FoCal 2.0 MR1 – Adds OS X 10.11 El Capitan Support and bug fixes

We’re delighted to announce the release of Reikan FoCal 2.0 Maintenance Release 1 (MR1) for Windows and Mac.  This release adds Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) support as well as fixing several other bugs.

FoCal 2.0 MR1 - Nikon support in El Capitan

**Canon cameras on El Capitan

There was an issue with FoCal 2.0 MR1 (FoCal 2.0.6) meaning that Canon cameras would report an Error 97 when attempting to connect.  This has been resolved in FoCal 2.0 MR1.5 (FoCal 2.0.7) which you can see information about here.

Known Issues

There is an outstanding problem with Nikon D7100 connection on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). If you wish to calibrate Nikon D7100 it is not possible with Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). This is part of the issue with the changes to Apple’s latest operating system and it is something we are still investigating. We believe all other Canon and Nikon cameras will work on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) including Nikon D7000 and D7200.

Fixes and Improvements

The following is a list of the changes since the release of FoCal 2.0:

Updates in this release:

  • FIX: Adds support for Nikon tethering on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • FIX: Fix an issue that could stop some older Nikon cameras working (specifically D300, D300s, D700, D3, D3S and D3X)
  • FIX: Stop an issue with not able to retrieve camera serial number from Nikon D3S
  • FIX: Lenses logged incorrectly in history window if user has not closed test window between multiple tests
  • FIX: Change Mirror Lockup default to 2 seconds on Mac to match Windows
  • FIX: Resolved Mirror Lockup Delay and Target Size preferences not being saved on Mac
  • FIX: Defocus direction could be incorrect in the AF Consistency report
  • FIX: Fixed some UI text errors
  • MOD: Automatically select Tripod Live View mode on Nikon cameras where the option is available
  • MOD: Improved recognition of teleconverter (especially for Nikon) for FoCal Comparison Data
  • MOD: Improvements to calculations to determine FoCal Comparison Data

Software Support Status


The following table shows the support for FoCal for Mac:

Operating System Camera Manufacturer Status
OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) Canon & Nikon Fully functional
OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) Canon & Nikon Fully functional
OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) Canon & Nikon Fully functional except for Nikon D7100


The following table shows the support for FoCal for Windows:

Operating System Camera Manufacturer Status
Windows 7 Canon & Nikon Fully functional
Windows 8/8.1 Canon & Nikon Fully functional
Windows 10 Canon & Nikon Fully functional

How do I get FoCal 2.0 MR1?

FoCal 2.0 MR1 is available for Windows (Windows 7 and newer) and Mac (OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10 and OS X 10.11) operating systems.

If you don’t own FoCal, you can purchase the software as a download or boxed product, as well as Focal Hard Targets from the store.

The installation package contains the software, target images and a reference manual (also available on the Documents Download page).

Download FoCal 2.0 MR1 by logging in to the LMS at  You will see a download link to the software.


Lead developer of Reikan FoCal automatic lens calibrations software.

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25 comments on “Reikan FoCal 2.0 MR1 – Adds OS X 10.11 El Capitan Support and bug fixes
  1. Greg Heller says:

    I downloaded the new release and installed the software without any problems. After placing the FoCal 2 icon on the desktop I attempted to execute the program, the program fails to open and I am left with the rotating circle in Windows 7. The Windows 7 rotating circle never stops rotating. I went into task manager to stop the software and I find 3 entries of AFMAC.exe *32 (116K) listed under processes, there are no entries under applications. I am unable to cancel any of the processes. I’ve tried uninstalling everything and rebooted and then reinstalled – no help. I tried the repair process it was no help. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled 2.0.5W. Version 2.0.5W only opens one instance of AFMAC.exe *32 (63,760K) and one entry under applications (Reikan FoCal Pro 2.0.5W) and this version works fine. Any ideas? Thank you.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Greg,

      We think this is likely an installer issue of some sort. Would it be possible to use “add/remove programs”, ensure any/all versions of FoCal are uninstalled and then install again (sorry if you’ve already tried that!).

      One other thought occurs, if you have any type of anti-virus software running, in rare cases this can trigger and corrupt the install. Would it be possible to disable and try installing FoCal as it may help.

      We’ll keep investigating, if you continue to see the issue please raise a support ticket. It is much easier to help and keep track via the support system.

      Best Regards,

  2. Roger says:

    Downloaded and installed the update ( but the programme will not start on my Windows 10 machine. Tried several times including uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail.
    I have now uninstalled update and reinstalled my original Focal2 ( which now works fine.

    Seems for me a problem that makes the update impossible to use … unless I am missing something 🙂

    • Dave says:

      Hi Roger,

      Thanks for your feedback, it sounds like a similar issue to Greg’s issue above. We’re not totally sure what might cause this but are investigating.

      Best Regards,

  3. Zenon Char says:

    Thanks for updating so quickly. I did not have any issues with El Capitan but I did wonder why Mirror Lockup Delay and Target Size preferences were not being saved on on my Mac.

    I do have a question. Even if I do use the standard target or resize it there must be some type of distance algorithm as well because for a crop I can be anywhere between 18x and 54x the focal length to the target.

    I did purchase you targets. Very crisp and sharp print which I could not achieve with ink jet.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Zenon,

      With the purchased targets FoCal automagically recognises the design, in that case the entered ‘target size’ is ignored since FoCal already knows the exact target size. You only need enter ‘target size’ for self printed targets.

      Not sure about the crop camera you mention, FoCal uses the target to estimate how far away the target is placed. It won’t be an exact measurement but serves as a rough indication for target distance.

      Best Regards,

  4. Sal Alexander says:

    Replaced the previous version of Focal, but now it won’t connect with my Canon 5D mk3. I get error 97

    • Dave says:

      Hi Sal,

      Yep, apologies, it looks like we introduced a bug for certain Canon cameras on El Capitan. See also the response to Zenon below.

      Best Regards,

  5. René Bürger says:

    I have the same problems like Greg and Roger, the program do not start after the update on windows 10.
    Now I reinstalled the old one and it runs and starts normal.



  6. Zenon Char says:

    At first I just replaced the old version with the new one. Round two I dragged Focal into the APP Delete and it uninstalled everything. I reinstalled it, updated the licence and I still get error 97. Canon utilities opens so it is not the connection, etc.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Zenon,

      Sorry about that, it looks like we’ve introduced a bug for certain Canon cameras on El Capitan that means the initial connection may not work for some users.

      It’s very likely that you can use the previous release (2.0.5) with El Capitan *if* you are using a Canon camera.

      Apologies, we understand the issue and the updated release will be out early this coming week.

      Best Regards,

  7. Zenon Char says:

    I just dowloaded the previous version and it is working fine. Looking forward to the fix.

  8. Walter says:

    When will FoCal support USB 3 for Nikon cameras? I’m lucky I had a USB2 hub that enabled me to calibrate the new Nikon 24-70/2.8 VR with my D800. For the record, the calibrated micro adjustment was -7 @ 70mm and -5 @ 24mm so I set the MA to -6 for this lens. Pretty impressive that the MA would be just 2 points apart from one end of the zoom range to the other.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Walter,

      I believe the recommendation to use USB2 with certain Nikon cameras came about partly to get round issues with 3rd party libraries in earlier versions of FoCal (especially on Mac)

      With FoCal 2.x a lot has changed, you should be able to use USB3 at this point.

      Best Regards,

  9. Sam says:

    Since downloading El Capitan and the latest version of Focal, my Nikon D810 will connect but will not allow calibration. I get this message every time:

    Error information: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
    Parameter name: startIndex

  10. Roger says:

    Just an update regarding my previous problem installing this software update. I have since re-tried installing the update by temporarily disabling my AV/Internet Security.
    I am pleased to say that after doing this, the software update to V 2.0.6 installed without issue.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Roger,

      Glad it’s all working for you now. FoCal doesn’t contain anything particularly unusual, some anti-virus products take a very cautious approach and occasionally we’ve seen reports of FoCal being ‘caught’. Normally the AV product does another update and all is well again 🙂

      Best Regards,

  11. Chris says:


    I have no issue to run it (on Windows 10 or Windows 7) but I cannot activate it.

    Regards Chris

  12. gigifoto says:

    Why should I pay?

    • Dave says:


      Not sure what you’re asking, FoCal 2.0 (and maintenance releases on 2.0) are included at no cost for all FoCal users who have purchased a user licence.

      Best Regards,

  13. Marie says:

    I just purchased the Pro Version of this software and not until AFTER I purchased was I made aware that I will not be able to calibrate my Nikon D7100 because I have OS X El Capitan 10.11 on my Mac. When do you anticipate a fix? And is there a workaround in the meantime? I feel like I just totally wasted my money.

    • Dave says:

      Hi Marie,

      Thank you for your recent purchase. We are very close now to releasing the updated version (should be within the next few days all going well).

      Best Regards,

  14. Robert Warner says:

    You say I am entitled to V2.0…How do I get it…All links point to 2.2…

    • Dave says:

      Hi Robert,

      Yes, all FoCal users have access to 2.0. Login to the license server and click “Click here to Show or Hide Older Downloads”.

      For Mac you’d pick “FoCal 2.0 MR2 for Mac”
      Windows “FoCal 2.0 for Windows”

      Best Regards,

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